Overruled and Strumento

Directed by Meg Phillips Crespy

Auditions will take place via Zoom Sunday, August 16 at 3pm.
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Online rehearsals will take place August 24-28 from 7-10pm.
Performance: August 29 at 7:30pm.

Mrs. Juno - 30s-50s, female. Cheerful, affectionate; in touch with her emotions and willing to be led by them.

MR. LUNN: Every woman of worth has a husband round the corner... and a sign in her yard, if I may put it that way, saying "Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted." This accursed message has stood between me and every desirable woman, until I thought I'd lost the power of falling in love.

MR. LUNN: Every husband's a disappointment, and I happen to know the lady you disappointed. You see, I travelled on the same ship with her; and--

EUSAPIA: At the start of the séance, I am anxious to please those around me. I am impatient for development, just as they are, and sometimes, without thinking of what I am doing, I try to start the manifestations.